1.7.2011 050   posada (poˈsaða) Posada: [American Spanish, from Spanish, lodging, from posar, to lodge, rest, from Late Latin pausāre, to rest, from Latin pausa, pause; see pause.], 1. (Commerce) an inn in a Spanish-speaking country [literally: place for stopping] Martita: Diminutive for Marta AcayJeatz or Doña Marta, matriarch of the CucJeatz family and mother of Mundo Maya co-owner María Cuc. Ironically, Doña Martita herself hasn’t had much rest in her life until recently. She worked hard to raise her seven children as a single mother after her husband Luis passed away in 1970. Now, at 86, she rests most of the time and on good days scolds her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Posada Martita, the inn named for her, is located in Barrio San Antonio, on the northwest edge of the city of Sololí, in the heart of Kakchiquel territory. We built the house between 2007 and 2011 on land deeded to us by Doña Marta, and her other children, María’s sisters and brothers, are neighbors. We named it for Doña Marta to honor and memorialize her gift of land as well as her intelligence, tenacity, resilience, love, grace and heart. Posada Martita is run by us and by close friends. It is a place of simple comfort and quiet where you will enjoy good food and drink, relax, learn, and connect. In the Posada’s lush, calm surroundings, you can hear the earth sing, witness the earth’s natural rhythms, and experience the earth’s wordless beauty. You’ll also discover more about Mayan culture and history and the land itself. Take a virtual look around.

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